Ken & Stephanie's  
NWS Board Report From China

Ken Goldman, NWS President and Stephanie Goldman, NWS Recording Secretary went to Shenzhen China to attend the opening Ceremony of our NWS International China/American Small Image Exchange and the Shenzhen International Watercolour Biennial.

We did not plan to stay longer than 10 days, but everything changed when the president of FEDERATED WATERCOLOR SOCIETIES OF CHINA published an interview with Ken throughout China, showing images from his earlier Chinese Brush Painting period (1980 - 1983 - blog post), plus several images of his current work in a Chinese Watercolor Magazine.
Because of this publicity, six Universities invited Ken to lecture, demonstrate and dialogue with all expensed covered for both of us.

So, on December 3, we flew into Shenzhen and on December 5 attended the opening Ceremony of our NWS International China/American Small Image Exchange and the Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial.

DECEMBER 3, 2015  - JANUARY 5, 2016

December 3 - 8

Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial
NWS Small Image Exchange Exhibition:

Ken Gave two opening speeches

December 8 - 11
Artists invited to sketch in Shantou City 
and to all paint on a 30 meter scroll

Ken and Stephanie’s section of scroll 

December 11
We met our new host from the Federated Watercolor Societies of China 
and continued our journey to Fujian province to lecture in Xiamen City.
The Jimei University’s Art Department in 
Xiamen is the entire high-rise on the left

December 12

We attended an art exhibition of University instructors (which included 40 of Ken’s watercolors) and met with leaders of Jimei University and the Fujian Art Society.
Always big Welcome Banners

Ken delivered one of two lectures he’d prepared entitled 

We toured the Clouds Art High School

December 13 and 14

Then we traveled to nearby Quanzhou City where Ken gave his second 
lecture on WATERCOLOR AND WATER-MEDIA: THEN AND NOW (the entire history of Watercolor) at the Guanzhou Normal University, 
and was interviewed by a local television station.

December 15-17

Then it was on to Hubei province in Wuhan City 
where Ken was asked to give both lectures at the Hubei Institute of Fine Art and we were invited to dialogue with artists of the Hubei Watercolour Institute.

 Approximately 300 Students and instructors

December 18-23 


Extracurricular activities

Stephanie and I visited Tsingua University in Beijing where we dialogued with teachers and artists for two days. Here, Ken was included in his third exhibition with instructors.

A Professionally framed pop-up exhibition of Ken’s small works.

Then, at  the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Ken delivered both lectures and gave a painting demonstration.

Always given really warm welcomes

Ken asked to demonstrate Chinese Brush Painting skills from 35 years ago in front of instructors!

 A Special visit with 
Master Guan Weixing 
our NWS 2005 award winner

BEIJING - Beihai Park: Lovely Mandarin ducks 
(prettier in lake than on the lunch table)  

The home of Mandarin ducks 
with a beautiful smoggy sunset

December 23 - 26 

On to Qingdao:

The University’s setting and 
architecture is very beautiful 

At 3 pm after meeting other art instructors and 
having lunch, Ken delivered both lectures at the 
Qingdao University Library Report Hall.

Xi’an December 26-29
We traveled to Xian to see the incredible sights, sounds and eats of the Silk Road. 

Seeing the Terra-cotta Warriors

A beautiful, intense hike up famous Hua Mountain (way above the smog)

December 30 
We flew to Dunhuang sand dunes to see the Crescent Oasis Buddhist Temple. 

Crescent Spring Buddhist Temple nestled 
in Sand Dunes along the Silk Road

Yardang National Geo-park
Unique rock formations developing over a period of 700,000 years.

Then on the 31st drove to the Mokao 
Grottos where we saw the amazing Buddha caves.  

January 1 
We flew into Shanghai.

January 2 
Shanghai Historical Museum and walked along the riverfront. 

January 3 
We explored the historical markets of Shanghai and had exotic tea.

January 4
We visited Faculty and Directors at Shanghai Normal University

Ken gave his last lecture at Shanghai Normal University.

January 5 
Home sweet Home to America xxoxox!!!!!!!

Wonderful new friends!!!!!!

We would like to thank all of those involved in making this an adventure of a life time. We look forward to seeing our new friends here in America and again in China. ken&steph   

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