Portrait Unveiling: Erika Torri, Director of the Athenaeum

After months of secrecy Max Elliott and the Athenaeum Board of Trustees were finally able to unveil the Iconographic Portrait of Erika Torri. It was a wonderful surprise to Erika and all of those attending the 23rd Annual Patron Dinner. The iconographic portrait I created and a few pictures of the event follow as well as my statement. The portrait is in the collection of the Athenaeum and may be seen at your next visit to the music and arts library in La Jolla, CA.

Iconographic Portrait of Erika Torri, 2 wood panels mixed media, center oil on linen, open 40x60"

Portrait of Erika Torri, Director of the Athenaeum, Oil on Linen, 40x30"
Aida inspired inside panel
Aida inspired inside panel
Two front wood panels carved in the shape of the Athenaeum logo. The Athena bas relief sculpture and 12 stars made from polymer clay with gold iridescent paint.

Following is the transcript of my statement given at the Athenaeum Music and Arts Library 23rd Annual Patron Dinner, Monday, June 25, 2012.

There is a wonderful 3 minute video on youtube of  Erika Torri describing the story of the Athenaeum. She ends by saying it is all about PASSION.
That same Passion sparked the creation of this iconographic representation of ERIKA  who has  been the sustaining force of Athena "the goddess of wisdom" here at the La Jolla Athenaeum for so many years. Staging the portrait during her best friend, Zandra Rhodes exhibition of the Aida Opera designs reinforced the egyptian spirit of KA or vital essence that lives here.
I would like to thank Erika for sharing an afternoon with me where she filled in  - with great detail, the complete story of the Athenaeum and all of the passionate women who have shaped and spearheaded its vital essence, its KA. 

Finally, my sincere thanks to the Athenaeum Board for their contributions, Melissa and Max Elliott for such enthusiastic supportiveness and especially to my husband Ken for assisting me with so many details throughout this project.

Max Elliott presenting the Portrait at the 23rd Annual Patron Dinner and Erika's surprise. 

Max Elliott and Stephanie Goldman

zandra rhodes, erika torri , stephanie goldman
Zandra Rhodes, Erika Torri and Stephanie Goldman