"Sanguine Drawing"

Sanguine Drawing -Iron oxide pigments on Stonehenge 25x36 in.
This Sanguine Drawing was created with titanium white and iron oxide pigments drawn, smeared, hatched, wiped, erased and painted using an alcohol medium on a half sheet of stonehenge paper while working from the live model. It is an often returned to color for me wether I use it in ink, chalk, powder or oil.

I was first drawn to the allure of Sanguines upon seeing the British Museum's extensive Guercino Drawings from British Collections exhibition in 1991.
In this initial body of work I wanted to capture as closely as possible the line quality and emotional appeal I experienced as a viewer of Guercino's drawings. My study culminated into a body of works on paper, all pen and ink, called Drawings From the Abbey. Using Gillott #1 Nibs and Pebeo Sanguine Ink eventually combining several different brands to make a tone that more closely matched the one in my minds eye.
More information about drawing with sanguine pigment and materials can be found here.