I Am A Child

I Am A Child
I am a child,
 All the world waits for my coming.
 All the earth watches with interest
 To see what I shall become.
 The future hangs in the balance, 
 For what I am
 The world of tomorrow will be.
I am a child, 
 I have come into your world
about which I know nothing.
 Why I came I know not.
 How I came I know not.
 I am curious 
I am interested. I am a child,
 You hold in your hand my destiny.
 You determine, largely, 
whether I shall succeed or fail.
 Give me, I pray you, 
 Those things that make for happiness.
 Train me, I beg you,
 That I may be a blessing to the world.
This statement, written in Chinese and English, appears at the entrance to the Guideposts Kindergarten in Hong Kong.

The Riverside Art Museum proudly exhibited fourteen paintings from the “I AM A CHILD” Series by the artist, Stephanie Goldman. This solo exhibition was presented in our Mezzanine Gallery from January 19 thru March 4, 2006.
"Stephanie Goldman’s approach towards child portrait painting is truly fresh and unique. One could study the history of painting, and not find another contemporary artist that has captured an adult’s perspective or angle of view of children as well as Ms. Goldman. Her painterly technique accurately portrays the innocent and vulnerable qualities of childhood that are universally valued within all communities and cultures. We were specifically impressed by the mezmerizing quality of the “eyes” in the paintings---which follow the viewer as he/she moves around the gallery space." Daniel Foster Executive Director Riverside Art Museum

The "I Am A Child" series was purchased by an anonymous donor for the Osteopathic Center for Children & Families and can be seen there today.
All of the children chosen for these paintings were three years old. Each painting is oil on canvas, 48 x 24 inches.

You may download a catalog from the exhibition for free at: I Am A Child

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