Painting Bathsheba

Bathsheba Oil on Linen 36x24 in.

Limited Color Palette with Robert Doak Paints

Carlo Brulleau


Willem Drost

Hans Memling
Wanting to more fully understand classic painting and traditional methods as taught by the Charles H. Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy, I found those same techniques being demonstrated by Adrian Gottlieb in Los Angeles, California. The painting started in LA and was completed over time in my SD studio. Bathsheba has been inspiring Artists for centuries and today is no different. A woman who lived many different roles in her life; she was a daughter, wife, adulteress, widow, royal harem wife, mother and Queen. Her first child from the illicit affair dies and as a beloved wife of King David she has her second child King Solomon known for his wisdom, wealth, writings and the building of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. A persons life has many twists and turns and often so does a work of art as this paintings provenance continues to unfold.

Retired Palettes

Color is delicious and inspiring and the palette is where pigment and artist meet to make m a g i c with logic. Like the smells on a chef's chopping block, artist's palettes tell a fabulous story. Studying the palettes of other painters has helped me to create order out of what can easily be chaos. How many pigments an artist uses can vary from colors available at any one time, cost of a pigment or from painting to painting. These are some of my old but favorite retired palettes.
I used to do all of my mixing on the canvas, then I did most of my mixing on the palette and now I do a combination of both. I like to have available the option of lots of color knowing I can always limit my choices. After all, I live in Southern California where the light is bright and the colors are everywhere. Check out this website for analysis of how some of the great masters have inspired us with their palette magic.