WOMEN PEACEMAKERS-Bearing Exquisite Witness Arts Festival

"The Three Furies" Oil on Canvas 40x43"

Exhibit by Stephanie Goldman

Inspired by her recent travels to Morocco, Stephanie Goldman explores issues of gender, culture, religion and identity through exotic images rich with symbolism. The piercing gazes of her subjects ensconced in vivid hues immediately evoke issues of identity, agency, rights and universal humanity. Goldman explains the impetus for this exhibit having sprung from an ardent desire to bear witness, allowing observers an opportunity for personal reflection on the meaning they find in her pieces.


Ken Goldman said...

Beautiful work - congratulations. University of San Diego is in for a real treat in the form of tasty but nutritious eye and brain candy:-)

Ken Goldman said...

...and by the way, I'm very objective about your work- you'll see

Kathy said...

Wow! This painting is powerful both in content and masterful execution. An apocalyptic trinity.