Portrait of an American Woman-Pam Whidden

Today's American Woman dares it all against the social mores of yesterday Strapless then and now. She can and will push the boundaries of convention. She is a celebrity in her own social clique, bringing attention to the anonymous fashion designer, artist and sculptor. She partakes in the dangers and curiosities of life and dreams the prognostications of tomorrow. As the iconic mother of America she will risk everything so freedom and justice reigns for all her citizens. Anonymously and with unchecked aging, she works and gives generously for beauty and connectivity to each passing moment.

Portrait of an American Woman oil on canvas 84x50 in.
Last century it was Madame Gautreau aka. Madam X, the well known American woman living a chic ex-patriot Parisian lifestyle portrayed as a model unsettling the status quo. My modern portrait is of Pam Whidden, a known American Woman and real life model living the heart of the American experience and participating as a free citizen in her own country and unsettling the elites.

John Singer Sargent 1884 oil on canvas

Aristotle said, "The aim of Art is to present not the outward appearance of things, but their INNER significance; for this, not the external manner and detail, constitutes TRUE reality."

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